So Nleep Rof Me!

So, last night was the official first time that Tucy has been "up all night" with a sickness.

She had been fussy all afternoon and didn't want me to leave her sight. I thought that it was because one of her aunts came over and she can get kinda clingy when people come over that she isn't used to. She refused to take a nap in the afternoon and so, I finally got her ready for bed at about 7:00 and just put her down. She was still a little fussy after a couple minutes and I figured that it was her teeth bugging her, so I went back into her room and gave her some Tylenol. Then I went down in the basement at about 7:25 to eat my dinner and watched some tv. At about 7:45 she started to cry. I thought that she was just overly tired and so, I was trying to let her cry it out. Mikey came home about 20 minutes later and went in to get her. She had throw-up all over her bed, clothes, face, hair... everything.

How was I to know? I feel completely guilty for not checking on her and taking care of the puke right away, but how was I to know that she threw up?

I gave her a bath. Put her in clean clothes and put everything else in the washer. She has a couple blankets that she LOVES and cannot go to sleep without them. So, I had to wash them quickly so that she would go back to sleep. Mikey rocked her while cleaned everything up. We finally put her back down at about 9:00. She woke up again at midnight and I made her a bottle (which she rarely gets now, because she has just had a sippy cup for months) and Mikey gave her the bottle and was going to put her back down. Well, she threw-up the entire bottle.

So, I pulled her out of her soaked clothes, got her the other "favorite" blanket and some new jammies. Then I sent Mike to bed and I stayed in her room with her until almost 2am rocking her. I put her down, stumbled into bed, had a dream about seeing The Police in concert and was awakened again at 4:45 by her whimpering. Went back into her room and rocked her back to sleep. I went back to bed at almost 6:00 and was awakened again by the morning routine of Mikey.

I think that she is feeling a bit better now. She still hasn't eaten anything of substance yet, but I'm hoping that I can get her to eat this afternoon.

What a night!