Ballroom Weight

Uh, hmmm...

So, here I am again, talking about the weight that I still need to lose. Mikey and I had a conversation on Saturday about how long I have been talking about losing weight. And, how I haven't really done much at all to lose it. Its been a year. I was working out in the yard on Saturday, pulling weeds and today my legs are so incredibly sore! I just pulled some weeds!

I am in ridiculously awful shape. I want to start taking a ballroom dancing class next month. It will all depend on our budget. I would love to take one. There is a beginning class that is once a week for an hour and a half per class. You learn all the basics... The Tango, Waltz, Fox Trot, Jive... etc... etc... I can't think of anything else that excites me more about working out then ballroom dancing.

Except maybe the Cardio Cinema room... which I haven't been inside in a long time. I'm gonna go tonight. I hope they don't have a stupid movie playing.


TibKat said...

Now that we have a plan how to pay for it... let's sign up! ;)