a BIG Thanks to All!

As some of you are aware... last week I had some surgery. Everything is fine and I am recovering splendidly! I just wanted to give a big THANKS to those of you that came and sat with me, made me dinner, cleaned our house, sent me cards and brought me presents (feel free to bring more any time).

Last week I think I watched about 15 movies and all of the first season of Battlestar Galactica... again. Mike set up a little tv and dvd player in our room and I just layed in there and watched, watched, watched. Yesterday I finally decided that I needed a change of scenery and moved to the couch in the livingroom.

I am supposed to go back to work today, but am not feeling that great about it. I don't know if it is just me being lazy or if I really need one more day. I am going to go anyway, but am a little hesitant. Anyway, we will see how I feel later on today. I might leave early depending...

But, I do need to give a HUGE thank you to all of you that came and helped me last week. THANKS!


tracifree said...

Anything for you Sar - we love you. I have a bag of maternity clothes you can look through...I'll bring them by next week sometime.

Aaron said...

The Mini Series was fun to watch. Feel better soon.

Shav said...

Don't push yourself too quickly, Saroo. Make sure you're up to your daily tasks. If you're not, don't do all of them. Be selective. Of course going to work is the big evil and probably should be a priority but it isn't as important as you/baby's health.

Terri said...

hey you.

i am so happy that you are well.
Willow sends her love and wants to see you soon!!!
me too.


TibKat said...

Go..... Starbuck!!!!