Do I Share Too Much?

I can't believe what some people are willing to post on the internet about themselves, or talk about in an open forum. Things that I hold very sacred and personal, things that I only share with my husband and sometimes close family. These people are broadcasting to the world and don't care who hears. Maybe I'm old fashioned, but I thought that personal things were labeled personal for a reason. Am I wrong to think this?

Case in point... there is a website that I have visted a few times, this website discusses all sorts of things that I wouldn't dream of ever discussing in public and especially with strangers. Some of the topics are things that I wouldn't discuss with even my immediate family. Some things are better left behind closed doors and in the privacy of your own home, not for the entire world to see. Now, I am always up for a good discussion, but there is a place where I draw the line. Most of the topics on this website are where I draw that line.

I guess my point is that I just don't understand this desire that some people have to flaunt their problems, beliefs, etc., etc... to unknown people. Not that I haven't shared some things on this site that some of my family and friends have asked, "WHY on earth did you post that?" But, I haven't shared things that really, REALLY matter to me, things that I hold dear and true and, yes... sacred. I choose to not share those things, because of that exact reason. They are dear, true and sacred to me and not for others that I don't know to know about me.


Aaron said...

There are people at my place of work that discuss things about their significant others that I wouldn't dream of. Why do people openly trash their spouse or kids to other people? I think it shows a lake of character on their part and is absolutely disrespectful of you partner or kids. PEOPLE HAVE MORE RESPECT FOR THOSE YOU "LOVE"!

Terri said...

whose blog??? whose blog??? whose blog??? whose blog??? whose blog??? Do tell. Do tell.

Terri said...

P.S. and NO, you don't share too much. I think you are quite good at expressing yourself in a most mysterious manner that hurts no one, not even yourself.
So, my answer to that q is NO.