Find Your Pose!

This is my sleeping pose. You can find yours too by taking this quiz.
Post your response in my comments... lemme know what pose they say you sleep in.

I couldn't believe how accurate it really was, I actually do sleep like this most of the time.



Travelocosity said...

Fascinating. I am the Seatbelt Pose. And its accurate.

tracifree said...

Pinching Koala and Tree, not even close.

Terri said...

Tandem Cycle. Kind of BIZARRE!
V. accurate for me.

TibKat said...

Is that how you and Mike really sleep??? You guys are weird! I was the Bubble Blower... it is fairly acurate for Jim and I, in that... he likes to sleep "Seatbelt" and I like to sleep "Bubble".... hhhmmmm, interesting! ;)