Spring Flowers

I went to Temple Square last night with Terri, Willow and baby Sarah.

We took LOTS of pictures...

Here are a few.

This is the perfect time to go to Temple Square if you want to take pictures of the flowers.

They are beautiful and colorful and you can't take a bad photo.

So, go downtown and take some picture for crying out loud!

I owe this day to Liz, for saying that she was grateful for how pretty the flowers are at Temple Square this time of year. It reminded me that I told Mike a couple weeks ago that I wanted to go there and take some pictures of all the flowers. And to Terri, for suggesting that we go down and take those pictures, because I don't think that I would have if she hadn't suggested it.

Thanks Gals!


tracifree said...

See, aren't you glad you couldn't pull into your street.

Terri said...

I love the pictures, little!
They are so pretty.
Flowers are so great... wish we could've got some pics of the gorgeous lilacs though... and a sample of the lingering scent of them, in my nose!

lily said...

Hey... I'm so glad you went to see the flowers...they won't be like that for long... how's this for weird... We went the same day that you did!!! Ter and I put it together when I was there yesterday.... only I was there in the day and you were there at night. I just had to go again... wow!