Didn't your Mother ever Teach you?

What is it with people that stare? Didn't their parents ever teach them to not stare?

I went to PeiWei last night for dinner and while we were sitting there having a nice conversation, there was this girl sitting next to us, all by herself, and she kept staring at me. I tried to just ignored her, but the tables at PeiWei are fairly close together. I felt like asking her if she wanted to push her table up next to ours and join in on the conversation. Of course I didn't, because I can be kind of cowardly. I wish I were more like my sister Terri in these situations.

She finally left after she finished eating her dinner. It was really uncomfortable. Why do people do this? And, why didn't I say something to the effect of... Is there a problem? Why do you keep staring at me? Do I have something on my face? Is there a monkey flying over my head?

Why am I so lame in these types of situations?


Aaron said...

Grow a pair and tell the staring person to piss off. I must be more like Terri than you are because I did this very same thing at Del Taco about two weeks ago.

lily said...

I bet she was staring at you because she wanted to be just like you. That is why I stare at people... You're just so COOL, she couldn't stop looking.

I guess it is a bit disconcerting.
Terri would totally have said something confrontational... she is the best at that. I wish I had more of it.

Travelocosity said...

I think the best solution is, "Excuse me. I couldn't help noticing you looking over here. Do we know each other?" Make sure you smile and say it politely. She will stop staring and everyone can go on their merry way. Manners. Even if they don't have them, we can.

Saroo said...

Thats a good tip, but remember the family I belong to... especially the girls.

I dunno if I could keep my "tone" in check when I said that, ya know?

Terri said...

I would say...
Hey. You got a problem, lady?
Maybe you should eat your damn dinner and stop looking at me. I KNOW already how beautiful I am. I don't need to be reminded by some weird-assed chick who secretly wants me, but is afraid to hit on me cause I'm here with my husband... and by the way, the answer would be "NO, I don't "swing" that way, OKAY???
Man. I really wouldn't say that. It just sounded like something I would say.. actually, it would depend on how irritating she was.
I think the answer is this;
"Pardon me... What's the deal here? You never saw anyone as fantastically gorgeous as I am?"