Mowing the Lawn 101

I had a pretty full day on Saturday. Mike went into work at about 9:00 am to meet one of the Producers so he could work on a project for the Discovery Channel. It also was the blessed day that I sang my song for the Enrichment program with Terri... (We kicked Serious Tail, btw) I also was trying to catch up on my house hold duties... I cleaned the kitchen, bedroom and did laundry in the morning. Then I went to the Enrichment thingy at about 3:45 and was there until about 5:30 or so.

I got a call from Mike at about
6:00 saying that he was still at work and that he didn't know when he would be home. He was grumpy from being at work all day on a Saturday. He has been working really late nights lately and the last thing he wanted to do was work all day and night on a Saturday. So, to help with his mood I decided that I would mow the lawn for him. Heres the thing... I hadn't EVER in my ENTIRE life mowed a lawn before.

Terri was still hanging out and said that she would help me mow the lawn. I was so excited to mow the lawn! So, I rolled the lawn mower out to the drive way, went back inside and got the key to unlock the gate to the backyard. I unlocked the gate and then walked over to the lawn mower again. I remembered what my brothers had done when they mowed our lawn growing up... they held down the bar thingy on top of the handle to push the lawn mower and then pulled the pulley thingy over and over until it started.

Well, I tried this, and tried this, and tried this, but it wouldn't start. I heard Terri's voice asking if I needed help starting it and I said yes. She walked over and asked if there was a choke... a WHAT?!?! What on earth is a choke? She was looking around the lawnmower all professional like and finally said, ah yes, here it is... she then pushed a little rubber half ball on the front of the lawn mower that had a tiny hole in it, about 5 or 6 times. Then she held down that bar thingy and pulled the pulley thingy and whaddaya know, it started!

So, I mowed the front yard all by myself. I went around the tree, by the flower beds, behind the pine tree and then filled in the middle. I then headed to the back yard. Now that I knew that I had to push in that half ball thingy several times I did that and voila, it started up like a champ! So, I started to mow the back yard until Terri came up and just took over, I was glad for this because I decided that it was really hard mowing the lawn. Terri mowed the rest of the back yard and then I mowed the grass on the side of the house.

Terri left after she mowed the back yard and after I was finished, I figured that I needed to reward myself for my efforts for the day. Not only did I clean the house... I sang for Relief Society
AND mowed the lawn! I deserved a FOOT BATH!!! And that's exactly what I gave myself. A nice cool foot bath! Then I went to the video store and rented 4 movies, came back home and watched "Shopgirl" and enjoyed the fact that I had mowed my first lawn EVER that day!


Terri said...

Oh little S. You cute thing. You didn't tell me that you'd never mowed before. Excellent work though, I must say.
Mowing the yard is a breeze. Once you can find that "choke" thingy!!!

Aaron said...

It's not a choke. It's the primer. You were priming the mower. It squirts at little bit of gas into the carberator. It's not a choke or choke thingy, it's the primer. Duhhhhh!

tracifree said...

Sarah - I've never mowed a lawn before either! Well, a little bit with one of those old skool hand mowers, but I don't think that counts because there is no choke-primer-gas-pump thingy on it.
You go girl, fight the power. Was Mike pleased or was he all "you missed a spot"?

Anonymous said...

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