Worst Fear... Right Now, anyway

I have lots of fears.

*Waking up with a pimple the size of a grapefruit on my face on the morning of a *Major Event*.
*Being stranded in a canyon somewhere and having to cut off my arm like Aaron Ralston.
*Plummeting to my death on a rappel.
*Getting so fat that I can't even put on my pink bikini with the white daisies.
*Having some crazed lunatic come into my house in the middle of the night when Mike isn't home (or even when he is home).
*Something dreadful happens to Mike on a trip and I get "that call" or worse, I have to call search and rescue because I haven't heard from him by our designated time.
*Getting so fat that I have to wear those size 18 jeans that I had to buy 4 years ago when I was that fat.
*Having all my hair fall out after I get it bleached one unfortunate time.

There are more... lots more, but the worst fear that I have right now is this:

*I am in a public place and I become overly emotional, and because I have this emotional outburst, attention will be drawn to me when it isn't something that I want other people to notice.

The difference between my other fears and this one is that this one could very well happen sooner rather than later.
I hate having fears.


tracifree said...

Hmmm, I see a pattern here: fat, zit, death, fat. Crying in public is horrible. A couple Christmas's ago Jason and I got in a huge fight in Chicago O'Hare and I blubbered the entire wait all the way through takeoff. I had to tell the poor flight attendent my cat died right before we left to cover!

Mle said...

getting emotional in public is my specialty! i've been so prone to it all my life that i can't even get embarrassed about it anymore. i don't feel anyone is necessarily entitled to be privy to my reasons for being upset, 'cause i GET to be upset, by gar! i'm just like, "yep, i'm cryin'. in public. deal with it" and go on my miserable way.

awkward but pleasant bonuses to this method are:
1. people being extra nice to you and kind of handling you delicately, (and maybe giving you a better seat on the plane, for example) because you are so tragic
2. people being extra respectful and cutting you a wide berth right at the time when you really really need space/privacy, because you are so tragic.

so don't hold back! get all emotional on us! yeah!