Easter Dinner

Most families have a tradition for Easter Dinner.

My family always had Ham, Potato Salad (made with dyed Easter eggs, so it was colorful), Green Jell-O Salad (the kind with cool whip, cottage cheese and pineapple) and some sort of bread (either rolls or a French loaf).

This year, I made the Ham, bread, and green Jell-O salad. Mikes family came over and brought the rest... Au-Gratin potatoes, green bean casserole, and steamed green beans (lots of green beans).

I like to add and change traditions to make them my own. The Au-Gratin potatoes were really quite delicious. I didn't try the green bean casserole (not a huge fan), so I can't say what that was like. Overall, it was a very nice Easter. We watched "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe" after dinner and I baked a Marie Calendar’s pie (Razzleberry) that was served ala mode.

A simple, yet yummy Easter!


Terri said...

YOU jackass. Why must you exclude the t and essquared bambina in some part of this equation? Oh yes, we were there, and why we are not mentioned?
That's WAY harsh, Ty.