A Family of Bloggers

Since I decided to start my own blog, I have had a number of family members get on "the bandwagon" of blogging.

First it was my sister Traci then her husband (my brother in law) Jim. Then my Mom was followed by my other sister Terri. Next was my brother Aaron and finally (this I just discovered yesterday) is my brother Sam's blog.

I am not sure if there will be any other of my family members that will join the ranks of the blogger but, if and when you do, I will gladly add them to my list of blogs to visit... on my blog.

It's kind of like my family tree of blogging.

Now, if we step out of my direct family and extend this geneology of bloggers, my blog doesn't start with me... I started my blog because Ethan had his blog going and Ethan started his because of his wife, Emily (sorry Emily I can't remeber the name of your blog) has had her blog for a millenium. So really the beginning of this family tree of bloggers (if you stick strictly to a blog-type-family) is Emily. So, thanks Emily for getting this ball... or blog rolling.


Terri said...


Teach me the ways of the links in the Blog~~
I feel so retarded, and you are *Soooo* coooo-like schooo!

Aaron said...

I Blog therefor I am!

Travelocosity said...

The ciiiircle oooof liiiife!!!! Thanks to Emily but my thanks is on Sarah for Blogging My Life. So thanks Sarah!

TibKat said...
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TibKat said...

Yes, Thank you! A thousand thank you's! It's just sooo addicting!! :)