Best Of...

I want to give a shout out to my friend Ethan and his blog for getting one of the "Best Of" this year in City Weekly!

Check out his site! There is a link to it over on the right in the links section.

Here is the featured article:

Ethan Millard,
For the past year, SLCSpin blogkeeper Ethan Millard has attracted a loyal local following with his humorous and insightful rants on local politics and media. City Weekly staffers follow his blog; we’ve even asked him to write a feature or two for our paper. He’s a frequent guest on KPCW 88.3 FM’s Midday Metro. Here’s a fellow who founded a blog in the true spirit of the Internet. He did it not because it was his job or because his company wanted him to do it to attract more youthful readers, but as a citizen with an educated opinion. To our knowledge, he receives no pay. Or does he? Whose payroll is he on anyway? Please post your comments to his blog.

Congrats Ether Bunny!


Ethan said...

aw shucks