My Sunday Best

I am giving a talk in Church on Sunday for Easter and all I can think about is WHAT AM I GOING TO WEAR!!! I already have the talk pretty well thought out. I just need to write my thoughts down, so I'm not concerned about that. But I am concerned about looking fat or disproportioned or having the wrong color on. I am a VERY vain person; I'm the first to admit that, and the thought of going in front of a large group of people that I don't know very well (even though we have lived in our neighborhood for 4 years, but that’s another story) I want to look fabulous so that it will deter them from the talk that I give. So, if my talk is total crap, then they can say.... Well, at least she looked fabulous! Is that shallow? I know it is.


Winelovette said...

Clothing is everything, the only reason I go anywhere is to wear something, oh and if its a party or a date ummmmmmmm something new YES!!!!!!!!!!! Clothes are what makes the girl. I say go buy a new outfit, your talk will be alot more easier with a new outfit on.