I wish I was 10 again

When I was around 10 years old, I used to go over to my cousin's house all the time and spend the night there with my sister Terri. We would bring our Barbie dolls and my cousins had this Barbie diner/ice cream parlor that we would play with. They also had Barbie and the Rockers with the tape that had all the songs that they (the Barbie’s) would sing... I can still hear that Barbie and the Rockers theme song:

"Barbie and the Rockers
Barbie and the Rockers!"

We also used to stay up really, really late and call the radio stations, KJQ mostly. I don't really know what it was that we were trying to get by calling that late, other than entertainment. I mean, you can only play Barbie’s for so long before you are bored out of your mind. And the DJ's always knew that we were these really young girls. Like they couldn't distinguish between a 20 year old voice and a 12 year old voice, please!

My cousin's also had this swimming pool in their back yard one summer and we would bring our Barbie dolls out there and pretend that they were ship wrecked. My cousin Russell also did this thing in the pool where he would get everyone traveling in the same direction until we created our own whirlpool. That was cool. Those were G.T.'s man!


Winelovette said...

I'm sorry did I read that you can only play barbies for so long and then its boring.........UMMMMMMMM
NO, NEVER, I will never be sick of barbie. She is all that and more baby!!!!

lily said...

Thank you for bringing up such happy memories... I had TOTALLY forgotten about Barbie and the Rockers....I loved that song and we sang it all the time. Em, La and I would play Barbies all day in Em's backyard in her sandbox. I would cut all my Barbie's hair and push their necks down... don't ask me why. We never had a ken doll so we would us a hair brush since it was about the right size.. I totally love Barbies. I would love to be ten again, too, if I didn't have to grow up again!

Saroo said...

I think it's hilarious that you used a brush as Ken. I loved to play with Barbies... I still do. Terri and Willow came over to my house a while back and Willow brought her Barbies... she fell asleep in the car on the way over. Terri and I played with the Barbies for like 2 hours... fixing their hair, changing their outfits. I felt like I was 10 again. I don't think that I will ever truly get tired of playing with Barbies, really.

Terri said...

DUDE!!! Why you go a spillin' 'bout us playin' with the Barbies??? We're too OLD. People will laugh at us!
But, I do love BARBIE! She is NEAT!!!!!!!!!
Barbie and the Rocker's!!! YEE-HAW!