Sunny Days Sweepin' the Clouds Away...

So, being sick makes it possible for me to do 2 things...

1. Stay up all night coughing


2. Watch Sesame Street on KBYU at 6:30am because I never actually went to sleep

Watching the new Sesame Street just makes me think of how much the kids these days are being gypped out of good television. The kids shows were phenominal, oustanding, extrodinary, superb, etc., etc., when I was little.

They really kind of suck big eggs now.

Whatever happend to "The Telephone Martians" or "C is for Cookie, that's good enough for me" or my favorite "The Pinball Song"

I miss Sesame Street during those classic years, all disco'd out. Theres only one word I can think of to describe Sesame Street nowadays... lame.

I think that they should just replay all the old episodes instead of making new ones.


Travelocosity said...

It saddens me also that you had to watch Sesame Street. Now go wash your brain out with two episodes of X-Files and a constant 24 drip, STAT!

On the other hand, I think back on Mr. Rogers and Chef Brockett (is that name right?) slipping into the back room of Chef's place singing "Good People Do Bad Thigs Sometimes" when Mr. Rogers was trying on a Santa Suit and ... well ... I think that maybe not everything back then was sending the best message either. ;->

Terri said...

I agree with Jeem.
I do think that the world of T.V. has gone dumb, and fast.
Go watch that Battlestar Gallactica-thing instead though. Since that is your new loooove affair with the tube.
And Mister Rogers wasn't the best television either though... He WAS, afterall, sending us secret evil messages telling us as children to kill people. (whaHHH??)

Saroo said...

Well, it was either Sesame Street or KSL morning Today and I had already watched the "top stories" twice before switching over to the Street.

I guess you could say that I have washed my brain out because, I have been watching Battlestar today. Why you ask...? It is the BEST show EVER!!! (Even better than the X-Files) I have watched 4 episodes so far roday. I think that I need to stop for a while, shower, maybe sit in the sun for a bit... regroup, than I will go back and watch the final 3 of the 1st season before the day is through.

I am a junkie. What can I say.

Travelocosity said...

Yea, I'd like to see Mr. Rogers handle one of those fighters on Battlestar. He wouldn't last five minutes against the Cylones! Hmmmm, Mr. Rogers faces the Cylones ... the new sexy ones. Now there's an episode that NEEDS to be made. "Good People Do Bad Thing Sometimes" would make sense in that episode ;->

Lollygagger said...

Oh, Sarah, thank you so much for linking those Sesame Street scenes. I was transported back to 1983!

lily said...

I know what you mean about the new Sesame Street... I simply do not accept Elmo as a major character. What gives? He drives me crazy.. I mean sure, I had problems with Super Grover, but it has become way to dumb.

I concur.