It's Official!

I have Streap Throat! (is it "strep", "streap", stirrep" I dunno)

I just left the Dr's office with a prescription for Amoxicillin... So, no I am not faking it just to get a brownie... although a brownie sounds super yummy right now, even though I can't taste or swallow anything, which is why I am on a broth diet right now. This is me right before I left for the Dr's office... I look a whole lot better than I did this morning.

It's amazing what a shower and some makeup can do. I hope that I feel better before the weekend. I hate being sick on weekends.


Terri said...

beautiful pic... sorry you're sick.
hey that rhymed!

Travelocosity said...

Think, "I am health." instead of "I am sick." You never know. It might help. Regardless, I'm sorry you are sick Saroo. =(

lily said...

It must be the sick week.. I was sick on Wednesday too, way to sick to even blog, I am impressed you made such an effort.