Install Tension Bars!!!

Mike is working late tonight. He is at work late a lot lately. Anyway, the good thing about him working so late is that it gives me time to do things like this... write on my nonsensical blog. So, tonight while I was reading some comments that have been made (thanks for the comments btw) I clicked on a comment from Lollygagger and... Well, first off I knew who it was just from the name Lollygagger. We used to call her Lolly all the time. In fact, there have been times when I have written her and I have addressed the note to Lolly.

Anyway, so I clicked on her name and saw that she had her own blog! So, I went to her blog and it is brilliant! I can see her personality shining through. Then I saw on her blog that she had links to other blogs. One that caught my attention was Lucy's Spleen. I thought to myself... I have heard the story of Lucy's Spleen and Lollygagger didn't tell me about it, Mle did. So I clicked on the link and low and behold - It was a blog that Mle pit together! WOW! So I went back to Lollygaggers blog and discovered that there was one other blog that I would have some interest in that is called Rural Rosy.

Turns out that most of my friends that I made from the time that I moved to SLC have their own blogs! So, now I can keep track of what is going on in each of their lives and they can keep track of me too, if they so choose. I also noticed that Lolly had already linked my blog to hers, which brings me back to my post before... How do you do that?

Anyway, reading all these blogs and seeing each of these wonderful women’s personalities shining through made me think of the second year I went to girls’ camp. Our Ward had just bought a new tent for the scouts, but us girls were able to use it before the stinky boys could. So, we read through all the instructions of how to put it together. It called for you to "install tension bars". Well, we thought that this was the funniest thing ever. We started hollering it so everyone in the camp could hear that we were "installing the tension bars". We hollered it over and over and over. We were funny.
We also had a hammock that year at camp and we would sit in it and sing "Down by the Bay" all the time. It actually got to the point where people were telling us to SHUT UP!!! Literally. Boy, do I miss those days.


Lollygagger said...

This is very jolly. Now we need to get Our Redheaded Friend into the blogging world.



JILL FARTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saroo said...

On Man! The memories... The memories! If she would ever answer my emails, then I could probably convince her... if only.

Em said...

Convince who?
To fart?

Oh wait. I've gotten it now. I'll send her my rant on stay-at-home moms keeping their sanity via the blogosphere, maybe that'll convince her.

This IS jolly, gals!