Aerobic Birdland

It is SUCH a beautiful spring day! Its puts me in the mood to listen to happy music! So, my Friday song this week is something that brings a BIG smile to my face.

The Manhattan Transfer is some of the Happiest-Happy music! Especially this song:


"In the middle of that hub
I remember one jazz club
Where we went to pat feet
Down on fifty-secon’ street

Everybody heard that word
That they named it after bird

Where the rhythm swooped and swirled
The jazz corner of the world

An’ the cats they gigged in there
Were beyond compare

Birdland - I’m singin’ birdland
Birdland - ol’ swingin’ birdland"

This song reminds me of when I was about 15 going over to Lidder and Lolly's house. I had no idea that they were Manhattan Transfer fans too. We decided that we needed to get into shape so we planned to do aerobics. This was the only time that I actually did aerobics with them, btw. Anyway, when we started our warm up, Lidder put on "Birdland". I was in shock! I didn't think that anyone else had even heard of The Manhattan Transfer. (I knew then that we were kindred spirits) It was around this time of year when I discovered this about those girls, so every time I hear this song around this time of year, I think of that. I don't really know why. My family are SUCH Manhattan Transfer freaks that you think I would have a memory involving them associated with this song, but that just isn't the case. I miss those days of aerobics in Lidder and Lolly's living room (the 1 time) and going over to the East High track (the old track) to "run", which we never actually did. We more or less sped walked, but it was fun just the same.


Lollygagger said...

I always think of aerobics when I hear that song! I'm so happy you remember that too!!! Those were the DAYS!

Terri said...

Hey! I was there too.

And, that's when "THE OSTRICH" was invented...

It was to "Birdland!!!"


Saroo said...

Thats RIGHT!!!

I have a picture of me doing "The Ostrich" on Christmas morning when I went to Tennessee one Christmas. I'll have to dig it up and post it... its AWESOME!

Terri said...

THAT will be NEAT!

TibKat said...

You are a Silly Girl! My favorite is, "I love coffee, I love tea. I love the java and it loves me... "

lily said...

Hey I was just doing the ostrich LAST NIGHT... that is so weird. I still feel like breaking out into aerobics when Birdland is playing. I didn't remember that that was the song that was playing when T became the ostrich...nobody does it better. I have never laughed so hard.