A Whole New World!

There are only a few times in your life when you get a "new start". This is one of those times for me. I have been through a metamorphosis over the last several months and I don't want or ever plan to go back to my old ways.

I know...

been there, heard that

I look at the way that I was and am disgusted with myself to the point where I would rather stick pins in my eye then ever be that person again. I love clarity! You know, like when you realize that you have been looking at life through a toilet paper roll and all you had to do was pull it away from your eye to view a whole new world!

I feel for the people who never even get the opportunity to start over, with anything. Just so you people know what it’s like...It feels Super-Fantastic!


Lollygagger said...

So what I said before was, "Does anyone get any details?"

Saroo said...

Not details... theres too much to be said and I can't explain it on my blog. But, I might feel inclined to bend your ear when you are in town next... when is that?

For now people are just going to have to be satified that I am saying all that I am. Oh, Lolly!!! I am sodder gladder thatdder youdder aredder heredder!