HCG Log, stardate 3152010

This is the first official HCG post that I am writing to the internets about my journey to conquer this diet.  I have the HCG in hand, well not exactly in my hand, its in the fridge.  But, the point is that I am going to be starting this journey probably the day after tomorrow.  I still need to get a few things before I'm going to feel completely confident about starting.  So, the first phase of the diet is to binge eat for two days.  I will take the HCG or more accurately, inject the HCG, and will also engage in binge eating of the most fattening foods I can find (or make).  This sounds like it would be easy to do, but its not as easy as you might think it is.  You need to eat until you are so full you think you just might throw up, and then eat some more.  The point of this is to help the HCG locate the right kind of fat in your body to burn.  The more fattening the food the more likely you will not be one of the following while on the diet...

  1. hungry; I know that this sounds weird, but its really true, the more you binge the first two days the less hungry you will feel the duration of the diet.
  2. starving, oh wait, that's the same as hungry
I can't remember the other thing that I was going to say, so just take my word for it on the binging.  Binge, binge, binge on brownies and fettucini alfredo and doughnuts and butter, butter, butter... mmm, butter.  You want to hate butter when the two days are up.

I'm excited to start and will let you know how I'm doing once I start oinking out for that first two days.