HCG Log - Days 8 and 9

Well, I've had a bit of a setback.  I realized the night before last that I've been giving myself far too much HCG in my injections.  So, I had a choice to do one of two things...

  1. Cycle off and wait 6 weeks to start again.
  2. Lower my dosage and see if in a week, I start losing again.
I decided to go with number 2 and just lower my dosage to see if I start losing again within a week.  I am still where I was 2 days ago, but am hopeful that I will see some change tomorrow.  Fingers crossed.  The thing that I discovered is that if you have too high a dose of HCG in your system it actually does the opposite effect from the lower dose.  So, you gain weight.  I gained 0.3 pounds on Tuesday and thought that was kind of weird and then realized that I was a moron and had been giving myself the wrong dose of HCG.  So, this is a word to the wise... Make sure that you know exactly which dosage you are supposed to have before you start... otherwise you might end up in my shoes.  and let me tell you ... they aren't fun ones to be in right now.  

Other than the setback I've been really good with the diet.  I even made Snickerdoodles yesterday for my hubby and daughter and didn't cheat.  Yay me!  But I will say this... With the higher dose of HCG I was a heck of a lot more hungry than I am with the lower dose.  I know that sounds super strange, but its super true.  The lower dose makes me less hungry.  Strange.


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