My List

So, its official that I haven't accomplished anything new on my list since... I can't even remember when I accomplished the last thing that I accomplished! AAARGH!

I's is got some list accomplishing to do's!

I am not going to beat myself up for not doing everything on my list. I have had a few diversions... like having a baby. That should have been one thing on my list, then I would have been able to cross it off. But, it wasn't. Anyway, if I don't get even half the things on my list checked off by November 18, 2008 than that's OK! I will just have to start a new list and include things that are a little more attainable. Like just running a 5k and not a half marathon... What was I thinking anyway?!?!

Was I really going to run a half marathon? I guess that I thought that I'd be able to at the time, but now I am like... are you CRAZY?!?!


tracifree said...

I wonder how many people actually finish their lists? Feel no guilt Sarah....Guilt is not the point of the list. I've completed maybe 20% of my to do's withi only 10 months to go!

Terri said...

I read this aloud to Willow and she laughed the whole time... I guess she thought you were funny!
-Crazy Aunt Sarah! <---She just read this whole thing and thought I was funny too!!!