10 Events of 2008 ~ part 1

1) Tucy is crawling almost completely on her hands and knees.

2) I have lost 3 pounds (not that I'm keeping track).

3) My sister has a producer from Nashville that is interested in her singing.

4) My hubby worked on a show called "Nature's Dance" that aired on Discovery~HD three days ago.

5) Heath Ledger died from an accidental overdose.

6) Britney Spears might be pregnant... again.

7) Sundance is going on up in Park City and I couldn't give a rats.

8) The Golden Globes DIDN'T happen because they didn't have any writers to write the show... HA!

9) "Chuck" is moving to Thursdays.

10) American Idol has sucked me in, yet again.


tracifree said...

Number 11: Sarah get's the bug to blog and the world rejoices.

Terri said...

YAY! Rejoicing!!!
I love your blogging, lil S!