TAG!!! You're It.

I got this idea off another persons blog to whom I have never met. But, I thought it was a swell idea... swell enough even, to make it my own.


The challenge is to tell 6 things that few people know about you. This is kinda tricky when you think about it. How can I be sure that only a few people know these 6 things? I guess I can't because my memory isn't THAT wonderful, so more of you may know these things about me... that and I have a bit of a habit of spilling things to people about myself once years pass and I know that they won't HATE me for what I have done.

Anyway, here are 6 things (in my memory) that few people know about me.

1) I once tried to pluck my armpit hairs, but I could only pluck 2 hairs because it hurt like a mother f-er!

2) The boyfriend of one of my old friends made a pass at me the same night that she lost her virginity to him.

3) I can't sleep with any clothes on... I get all tangled up, because I toss and turn too much in my sleep.

4) I read my sister's journal once, but only because she read mine first!

5) I dropped out of High school my Junior year, got my GED and went to the community college.

6) I hadn't read my first novel all the way through (from cover to cover) until I was 22. (I guess its from a lack of education, or something)

So, now whoever reads this... You're IT!!! Now, you get to post 6 things about yourself. Good Luck, my young padawan learners.


Terri said...

Ahhh, shit. I couldn't stop reading and now I'M it????