Racing to Catch UP!

Do you ever feel like you're on a treadmill?

I kinda feel that way lately. I feel like everyone has these amazingly wonderful things happening to them in their lives and I am watching it all happen in the confines of a room... happy go lucky, running on a treadmill. I am trying to catch up but can't because we all know that treadmills don't really go anywhere.

At least I get to watch the show as I run on my treadmill. That's always nice, sometimes its nicer than being in the show itself. The spectator sees everything, but doesn't have to live through any of it.

I guess that's my lot in life... it's not a lot, but its my life.


TibKat said...

The thing about it is that some people are watching you, wishing what you have was their life. We are all participant's in something great. Sometimes it's hard to see that what we are doing matters... (believe me!) I love you Sarah.

Terri said...

Little S.
"You are beautiful, Muriel"... 'and it's not Muriel anymore, it's MARIEL! M-A-R-I-E-L.'"
You have sooo much talent and things to give to the world. You're my Artistic Director, Personal Assistant and Personal Style Guru, for cryin' out loud!
LOVE you,