Gym Gripes

I have been going back to the gym since before Thanksgiving. I discovered that at my gym they have a Cardio Cinema room. This is great because of two reasons.

1) You get to watch a movie while you workout
2) The lights are low so no one else has to watch you workout

I was going to the gym that is like 10 minutes from my house, because that was the only one I knew of that had a Cardio Cinema room in it. But, then I discovered that there is a Cardio Cinema room in the gym that is just up the hill from my house.

So, now I have been going to the one that is just up the hill. I thought that this would be great! I just have to drive like 3 minutes and I'm there... workout... then go back home. I don't have to get up quite as early as before. Awesome! Last week when I got there to workout I walk into the Cardio Cinema room and guess what movie they're playing... "Secret Window"

What The.....?!?! Who can workout to "Secret Window"... ummm, I can't, but wasn't about to go out into the open area and workout with the rest of the drones... so, I endured... and, at least the lights were still low.

Then I go this morning and guess what movie is playing this morning...? Thankfully it wasn't "Secret Window", but it was "Monster In Law"... Gimme a break people! That is like the lamest movie ever! AND... The lights weren't low. I repeat... WEREN'T LOW!!!

Now I not only have to workout to the last 30 minutes of one of the stupidest movies I've ever had to sit through, but I have to watch other people workout to it as well? That was the beauty of the Cardio Cinema room. Remember #2... The lights are low so no one else has to watch you workout. Well, the movies aren't always going to be great, but at least they can stick to the light rule!

I don't quite know how many more tries I'm going to give this Cardio Cinema room. I'm not going to stop going into the room, nooooooo way! In fact I doubt that I'll even start driving farther because their (When I say "their" I mean, the gym that is 10 minutes away) movies have been better to date. I'll probably just complain about it on this here blog and do nothing. Maybe I'll ask why the lights are up so high next time I'm there, but I doubt that too. I am kind of a coward when it comes to things like that.

Yep, that sounds about right.


Terri said...

Monster in Law and Secret Window? Could they BE any more faggoty Bob???
See. This is why I need to get my lazy assed ASS outta bed and meet you at the REAL Cinema Room, and watch cool movies that don't put the Golden Globes to shame.


tracufree said...

I had no idea there was this much drama at the gym! Hope your plumbing woe's are over.