Hey Ladies...

Lizbah: She is just about the most incredibly sweet person I've ever known. I am always so glad to see her, even if it is once every two years. She gives you the biggest most heartfelt hugs in the world! I have tried to model my hugs after hers... because you know that she means them.

Lolly: Oh, Lolly! She is this beautiful, intelligent woman and she still doesn't know how wonderful she really is. She has a Masters degree and works at a crap job where no one appreciates her! I'll tell you that she is splendid! Under that shy exterior is a fantastic, charismatic, maniac that I call my friend. If I could have her drive to study the things that I love... I guess that’s what dreams are for.

Mle: How I marvel at her for packing up all her belongings into a minivan and trudging across the country to be with the love of her life. I don't have that kind of courage. I am such a homebody that I would have to be forced out of this state by gunpoint (or lots of money). I can't begin to say how much I wish that I had that kind of bravery to go into the unknown and swallow the fear.

Shav: She is doing things that I never could... conquering her fears with school and breaking out of the walls that were keeping her down! I am so proud of her! I stopped going to school because of the pressure of having to be there (not that that's all that much pressure) but doing well is, and Shav has proven that if you persevere than anything is possible.

Tex: Taking on the music world single-handed. I am in awe. I wish I could even begin to understand how her creative mind works. She can think of arrangements, vocals, lyrics... you name it and it’s in her head. Not only that, but she has two beautiful daughters that love her so much! She is a good mom and tries to do what is best for them, always.

Tibcat: New mommy-hood is hard (I know), and I think that she is doing fabulous. It’s hard to figure out how to fit everything and still try to stay you. She is doing fantastic considering all the strife they have had since the little one was born (and even before)... keep it up, it will only get easier from here on out.

TraciFree: My best friend that I never see and hardly talk to... can I really consider her that? I still do. Even though we don't see each other that much, we still keep in touch. I will always and forever run things by her that I don't run by anyone else. That’s what bff's are for... you don't always have to be stuck together... the friendship transcends that.

In case you haven't figured out what I did here... These are the chicks from my "Peeps" list. I got the idea (yet again) from someone else's blog and I made it my own.


tracifree said...

Great! Now I'm crying at work. Thansk ALOT Sar!!!!

Terri said...

Thank you little S!
You are a doll and I'm also finding out, a talented songwriter yourself...
Cheers to you, Sarah. For having such a big heart and sharing your personal, lovely thoughts about all your bitches!
Love you.

lily said...

You are the sweetest person ever, not me! Thank you for saying such kind things- I don't know if they are true (at least about me!!!) but I appreciate you and feel the same way about you. It was so good to see you again after so long!!!