Cardboard Cars

The other day I pulled out the last of the diapers in a Costco diaper box. I brought the box in the living room for Tucy to play with and she loved it!

It made me think of one summer when I was about 10. There were a bunch of kids in our neighborhood that I played with that summer. Well, one day we made cars out of cardboard boxes. We colored them and cut doors that swung open and holes for our feet to fit through. We built windshields and the whole nine yards. Then we made mini streets with traffic lights and a stop sign and, and, and...

I loved that summer, it was really fun. Maybe it was because it was the summer after my parents got divorced, and I was trying to fill the fact that my dad didn't live with us anymore with something else so I didn't have to think about. Whatever the reason, it was a good summer and making those cars was really fun... I'll never forget it, I hope.

I can't wait for Tucy to make her first cardcoard car... who knows, it might happen.