Quite A Day

Things Accomplished Yesterday...

~Woke up at 8:00AM to the sound of Tucy singing and jabbering in her room
~Ate Breakfast
~Started Laundry
~Folded Tucy's clothes and put them away
~Ate a sensible Lunch
~Lost Tucy... Turns out she had crawled into my bedroom... I could hear her, I just couldn't figure out where she was.
~Had an afternoon snack
~Went to the Bank
~Injured Tucy... or rather she injured herself, but I wasn't in the room at the time, so I'm taking the blame.
~Put Tucy to bed at precisely 6:25 in the PM, because she was so worked up over the trauma of the candle holder that sits in front of the fire place falling on her head.
~Watched American Idol as I ate dinner
~Debriefed Mikey on the days events
~Laid out all the washed jeans to dry
~Watched Mikey work on Tucy's Birthday Invitation for about an hour
~Ate a Banana
~Went to bed at 12:20AM

I think that was quite a busy day... not that any of you really care, but I thought I'd document the things that I do during the day. I guess I got a few things accomplished.


tracifree said...

I BETTER get one of those invites.

Saroo said...

Like you even need to question that at all! PLEASE!!!

Anonymous said...

I care very much what you do in a day! I find it very helpful sometimes to document events, however small or mundane. It's a day in your life that you would probably otherwise forget, and I think it's great and so important. My mom, who never ever kept a journal, kept one for like two months when my oldest brother was a baby. She never wrote anything more than "gave Joey a bath" and "mom came over today to help give Joey a bath", but I read and reread it because it's a day in the life of my mom who I didn't even know yet, writing about her days as a new mom when she was like twenty- one. Having your first baby and documenting all of the things that happened...Tucy will read this one day and be so so interested to hear what she did on February 7.
Man! Excuse my comment diarrhea! I liked your post!
lidder sudderhedder

Meg said...

I am SO proud that you folded laundry! I know how you dislike doing laundry, so that IS a huge accomplishment for you! Poor Luc. Poor, poor Luc. What time did she wake up the next morning? 6:25 is pretty dang early, though some days I could go to sleep then and not wake up until late the next morning.