Birfday Blews

Over the last few years I've had a bit of a hard time reaching my birthday. If you don't remember then you can get a re-cap here or here, but I'm really trying to have a better attitude this year. We are going to see The Police in concert that night, which I am truly excited about. Now if only Sting would sing "Don't Stand So Close to Me"... I could die happy at 30. But, really I want him to sing "Bring on the Night" because I believe that is the best Police song, ever.

Anyway, back to the birfday blews... Turning 30 has got to be harder on my mom than it is on me. I mean after all I am her youngest. The last child to reach their 30's. She almost had a nervous breakdown when I turned 13, because all her kids were now teenagers. Maybe she doesn't realize that this is the year that all her children will be out of their 20's and maybe I don't need to remind her... btw, Mom... You should have stopped reading at the last paragraph, or really, you shouldn't have read this post at all.

Here is a little montage of pictures of me turning various ages throughout the years, just to remind myself that I was young... once.


tracifree said...

Oh Sarah - thank you for the photos! What a lovely lady you are. I'm proud to be called your friend. Muwah!

Anonymous said...

27 is hottttt!

Meg said...

Those are just so Sarah! All of them! I am in the same boat as you as far as birthdays go. I used to LOVE birthdays until I turned 22. It's all been down hill from there. Which adds on to the stress of the birthday because I keep thinking "You should be having fun dangit!" And I just can't! Stupid getting older. I keep telling myself with age comes money and that's a plus, but I don't see that coming and then it adds to the pile again... there you go.... Happy Birthday!