Picture Tales About ME!

So I was tagged by Meg on her blog to do this and I thought it was fun to see the images that popped up on Google for all of my different likes and dislikes.

Age on my NEXT Birthday: My age as of last Saturday was 30... And, I'm not all that broken up about it. I am embracing this new age in a way that has actually surprised me. Hopefully my age next year will be pretty good too. Crossing my fingees!

Month my Birthday is in: The month in which I was born is indeed the month we are in right now. Filled with fireworks and ice cream.

Place I'd like to visit: I've always wanted to visit places far and away, but this is the one place that I could visit and then die happy afterwards. Maybe someday.

Favorite place: Mike says that I get a particular look on my face when I climb into bed at night. It's a look that say "its finally time to go to sleep"! It is truly my favorite place in the world.

One of your favorite things to do: I never thought that being one with the Internet would be so fun and strangely fulfilling, but it has been and continues to be.

Favortie Color: I love this color and not necessarily the singer. I could take her or leave her, really.

One of my favortie foods: Its truly sad that I love these things as much as I do. It helped contribute to the massive amount of weight that I've gained and continues to help retain it, because I just love me some a them, sometimes.

One of my least favortie foods: I can handle these cooked and sometimes fresh (only in salsa and only vidalia or sweet ones), but otherwise they can go away!

Favorite Flower: I wish that I'd been able to have an enormous bouquet of these when we got married, but the truth of the matter was that I only had so much money and these were too expensive. It doesn't change the fact that I love them, still.

City in which I live: I don't know how long ago this billboard was up, but it can't be all that recent... after all, our car was broken into just about a week ago. 34Th safest place?!?! I think not.

Name of a past pet: My little doggy that we had for too long was put down a couple years ago and we did indeed name her after a "Star Trek" character... it's no lie.

A nickname that people call me: I don't know why my sister calls me "Darrell", but she does and it stems from "Newhart". Oh, the days when TV shows were all but a dream.

College Major: Seriously?!?!

My first job: I waited tables in the dining room at The Friendship Manor when I was 15 with my good friend Emily. We got the job together. It was one of those times that I'll never forget in my life. Totally fun and carefree, man! AND... I can't believe that they had this picture on Google Images... although, they didn't have the NEON sign when I worked there, that came later.

A hope for 2008: Isn't it a hope for just about everyone?! Silly I know, but you know me.

Now I tag: Mle, Terrible, Lolly, Lizbah, Lydia and Mary... I know that most of you prolly won't participate, but if I get even one of you than I will feel like I accomplished something in my life. Here's what you do: do a google image search and choose an image from the first page after you answer all of the questions.

Love you all!


Meghan said...

Hey, I my favorite color is pink and I love donuts too!! Muust have been the summer working at Banbury Cross!

Meg said...

I had no idea you were hoping to be Cynthia Skanes in 2008! Wow, I certainly hope that does not come true. You are stunningly gorgeous (honestly) and in the hopes that Cynthia never finds this blog, she certainly is not. Though I do give her props for her 40 lb loss. As for you, you certainly crack me up. I don't know how many times I have to tell you. I just think you are fantastic! Thanks for being my friend! I was so honored when Chels mentioned me as a tag and thought "I think I should tag that Sarah. I like her." And I am honored that you felt honored. Good news... I saw a dog today...

Meg said...

Listen, I have too many questions/comments for this post. First of all I was a little worried about the picture of the bed and where that story was going at the beginning (though glad in my head that you kids still like each other and all). Secondly, I have no idea who that lady is from Star Trek (that may be one of our only differences, I can't believe you like that show). Thirdly, Friendship Manor?! What kind of a place is that? To be honest with you I am a little scared and don't think two 15 yr olds should be working there. It looks like a scary night club/dungeon for people to force other people to be their friends. And lastly, your car got broken into? Why have I not heard this story?

Meg said...

Last one. I for one LOVE Pink. Well, not her music entirely, but who she is. I wish I could be a care-free punk rocker. (Though her music does not reflect her style)I wish with all of my heart that my hair could still be hot pink, or blue, or orange (I looked like Lee-Lou from "Fifth Element). And I wish I could have a sleeve of tatoos on my right arm. Oh, and several facial piercings. So, I love Pink. And I tell her to continue rocking out in the hopes that SHE will one day read this blog. (Though I am still crossing my fingers on Cynthia Skanes)