Have You Ever Seen a Grown Woman Scream?

The following incident is by no means a reflection of Foxy Starbuck or its Affiliates.

July 15, 2008

Time: 2:30 PM

Place: My Front Yard

Incident: Pulling weeds along our driveway when all of the sudden out of nowhere this enormous BEE comes flying at my head. I duck and swerve and yell in the ugliest voice I can muster "Get AWAY From Me!", then proceed to run into the open garage and then inside because I am so embarrassed by the sound that just protruded from my very lips. I stay inside for another 2 hours with the hope that 1. No one saw my display of utter cowardice with a bee; and 2. If they had seen it, they forgot about it by the time I got back outside.


lydiaoutnumbered said...

Happy Birthday Sarah Jane Hotdog!!