When I was Little...

Don't you love it that all kids say "when I was little..." even if they still are little? My little niece says this all the time and she is 4 years old. I think it is the cutest thing in the world. Little kids want to be grown up so badly they can hardly stand it. But, then you hit your 20's and that inevitable question creeps up on you..."When did I grow up?" I remember when the "When did I grow up" thing hit me. I went to lunch with my brother one day and was sitting in his car and it hit me... I am all grown up! I have to be responsible! I have to take care of myself! And, I just started to bawl in the front seat. I think it took him about 10 or so minutes to finally calm me down. But, once I finally did, I was fine. I was indeed a grown up, having to pay bills and do all that grown up stuff. The thing is though that I had been taking care of myself for about 2 years before this breakdown in the car. I don't know why it hit me then... but it did. I guess I just wanted to be a kid again for that moment or it just hit me that I will never be a kid again. I won't ever be able to be carefree, like when I was 12.

I still feel like I am 12 most of the time and I am sure that I act that way too.

I went to dinner with some of my oldest friends last summer, we hung out for the night and went to "Sandy Station" for karaoke. While we were there we were all dorks, just like old times. When we left we were walking back to the car and there was a large Winnebago parked next to the car with a few guys inside. They had the lights on, widows open and obviously had put back a few. When we 4 gals get together we seem to go back to the way we were when we were all 12. We are giddy and silly and think that EVERYTHING is funny. Well all of the guys in the Winnebago picked up on our silliness and asked if we were high or drunk. (none of us had had a drop of alcohol or any other substance) Lolly and Beck both said at the exact same time... "Ya, we're High on LIFE!!!" It was so dang funny, none of us could control the laughter! All those drunken guys must have thought we were crazies! But, we weren't really crazy, we were just 4 girls having a good time catching up and acting as though we were all 12 again.

I think that when you get old you should say "when I was grown up" instead of "when I was little" just to mix it up a bit. The world needs to be mixed up a bit and I think it should start with this statement.


Taintedblue_i said...

Yeah, it's so sweet! I really wish I was six again. It's just the one year that I really wish I could have back. Everything was so blissful and uncomplicated.