Stephanie Plum in VEGAS!!!

I am heading down to Sin City on Thursday. I am going with one of my sisters and my mom... we are meeting one of my other sisters there. We are going for a book signing of an author that we all enjoy. Janet Evanovich is the authors name, she has written LOTS of romance novels, which I have read only one of and didn't care for at all, frankly. She also has written a series called 'The Stephanie Plum Series' . They are chicklet mystery novels, apparently. There are 12 books total... as of today. The 12th one was released today, Twelve Sharp is the title.

Anyway, the series follows this heroine (if you can call her that) Stephanie Plum who has pretty much blackmailed her cousin Vinnie into being a bounty hunter for Vincent Plum Bail Bonds, because she was broke and had no other options. Each book has a big bad guy that she is trying to find and catch for a large or small bond. Throughout the series she goes back and forth between two love interests... Joe Morelli and Ranger. And, mingled through out all the books are her quirky family, friends and lots of other hilarious goings on. So, if you haven't ever heard anything about the Stephanie Plum series... you can't say that you haven't now. Go and check out the first novel "One for the Money" and let me know what you think. I am just excited to go to Vegas to get away for a couple days and have a chance to meet Janet Evanovich... the master mind behind this clever series of books.

I really didn't intend for this post to turn into a plug for the Plum series... it just kind of happened.


Terri said...

It doesn't bother me that this turned into a plug for the Stephanie Plum novels... PLUG away, sister!!!
Isn't it ironic that you said in your last post how you needed to get away, and now you are getting away? Well. At least for the weekend. How lame that I cannot come. * :(

TibKat said...

Vegas Baby!!! I'm very excitied to go... more so to hang out with all of you... Wish Ter could come. :( Next time! (Nice tribute to Janet)

Tink said...

Heroine is the word you were looking for...heroin is the drug. Just thought I'd mention...sorry, I know...I am a freak about written stuff. Good post.

Saroo said...

Thanks for that... I fixed it. I am usually a freak about the posts that I put up and wanting them to be perfect... I guess once in a while one of those suckers will slip through the cracks.

Terri said...

The irony!
Traci making a spelling correction! I LOVE IT!!!
:) :) :)

Tink said...

It wasn't Traci dear, it was your nit picky mum.