Tanning... Anyone?!?!

This last week has been CRAZY!!! I have been going non-stop. I was at work until 11PM last night and might be here quite late tonight as well. It all depends. The world of my job is starting to crash in on me. We are on the verge of losing one our biggest contracts and I might get blamed for losing it and then in turn... lose my job. Such is Life! IF that happens I'll just go find a job at a Tanning Salon where I can read all day long and wipe down tanning beds. That sounds SUPER FANTASTIC actually.

I finally have a moment to let you all know that I am indeed alive and kicking, just stressed as all get out.

If any of you have any words of encouragement, I'm here with my eyes and ears wide open. Right now all I can think of is how nice it sounds to sit in a tanning salon, get free tans, read my books and not have all the burden that is on my shoulders right now. This too shall pass, I know... it just isn't passing fast enough.



Terri said...

Sounds like YOU've been busy...
I don't know what kind of words of encouragement I have, but, Keep your chin up little S. Things will get better, even if they do get worse first. *
Hmmm. That should be one of our deep thoughts.
I miss ya.**

EM said...

Dude, what's happening with the job? Hope all's okay...

Saroo said...


You should lemme know where you are and then we can go to lunch and lament the wo's of our lives to eachother.

email me or something, k - S*