I stayed up WAAAAY too late!

I stayed up until 3am this morning reading the new Stephanie Plum book! I am hooked... then I dreamed about Morelli and Ranger for the 4 hours that I slept. I love when the new Stephanie Plum book comes out... I get sucked in and I don't come up for air until I am finished. I have about 9 more chapters to read and I think maybe I should savor them. It will be one more year before I get to read the next one.

Anyway, I am leaving to Las Vegas tonight! I am sooo stoked! I am packing my bag, bringing my swim suit and rockstars and we are off! We won't be hitting the road until about 7, so we won't be rolling into the city of sin until after midnight. I am fine with that, I love driving into Vegas when the city is all lit up. I will give you all the break down of how it went when I get back, until then... ciao!


lily said...

Wow Sarah, that sounds so fun to go to Vegas!!! And it's okay to stay up late when you are reading a great book...it's amazing how the time flies and you don't even get tired when you are engrossed in a story. HAVE A GREAT TIME!!!!