Wasting Time

How much do we sit wasting time on mundane or irrelevant things? I waste SO much time that it might be classified as embarrassing. My mom used to refer to me as the "doddler" in the family and I know that I've talked about this before but, it hasn't changed in the 2 years since I last brought it up. I recently discovered this magazine and I really wanna get it. It's supposedly has all these ideas about how to organize everything from...

Your Home
Your Leisure

It is definitely something that I need to look into getting. Mikey and I had this big conversation while we were at dinner for our anniversary about having another baby. I am not ready, but he feels like he isn't getting any younger. So, we're at a crossroads about it. I feel like I need to wait a little bit longer, because I don't want to go through all that I went through before just yet. That and I haven't lost all the weight yet that I gained before. Which brings back the doddler part of me. He asked if the reason for me not losing the weight is because I don't want to be pregnant again.. and, you know I hadn't actually thought of it that way, but I think that he might have something with that. Then the realization kicked in that I am a selfish, selfish person who only thinks about herself. But, lets stick with the "doddling"... one thing at a time here.

So, my point is that maybe if I get something that will help me learn HOW to not doddle, then I can start to utilize those skills with everything, from cleaning my house to exercising.

The first step is buying the magazine... so, we'll see.


TibKat said...

As I read your post today, I realized that I too had "doddled" the day away and there for quickly got doing stuff before Jim came home. I think we are all victim to a bit of doddling at times. ;)

Brew 1 said...

I like this post, it's very honest. Doddling is my arch-nemesis, (hello, I'm typing this during business hours...) This biggest thing that helps me is when I make a list of what I'd like to get done that day, even if the things on that list are all fun/hobby, at least I will have the feeling of accomplishment at the end.