C'mon Little Doe-ggie!

Lucy has been crawling around lately with things in her mouth, like toys or her sippy cup. This morning it was a sock. It was a clean sock from the laundry basket that I had in the living room waiting to be folded.


Brew 1 said...

Lol. Funny pictures. Don't worry, that's normal. I still pop a sock in the old kisser from time to time. ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh! The cuteness! Who wants to fold laundry when you can stare at Tucy all day?

Meg said...

I love that little Luce! She cracks me up these days! By the way, the vegetable couscous looks wonderful! I was so proud to see it on such an official looking website!

maeveinthecity said...

hi sarah!
i frequent you blog and i love seeing pics of your little sweet heart!! she is seriously darling!
so...i noticed you have all of my syblings linked to your blog, and well. im just feeling a little left out :)haha i kid (kind of)
my blog is chrisandmaeve.blogspot visit me!!