Still Going, and Strong

Yesterday and the day before were both good days.  Of course one of those days was the other gorge day and well, I did just that.  I'm really good at those days.  So on day two fo gorging I ate:

1 Chocolate/Chocolate donut from Dunford, yum!
1 Raspberry Fritter from Dunford
1 Coke, the real stuff
1 plate of artichoke pasta, another yum!
1 bowl of mint chip ice cream
1 plate of spicy rigatoni, spicy penne with sausage, lots of bread and some cheesy bread oh, and Dr. Pepper, the real stuff again.
1 more actually, I just ate the rest of the ice cream from the carton... didn't even bother putting it in a bowl, who needs to dirty more dishes anyway?!

I gained 6 pounds between the two days of gorging!?!?

Is this diet really meant to do that?  I dunno, but it happened to me.

I can tell you that I felt so gross and imbalanced by the time I went to bed that I was happy to start the diet yesterday.  So, I started and it went really well.  I made a nice chicken, tomato and basil dish that hit the spot and then a chicken soup for dinner last night.  I had apples for my fruit and those worked out pretty well.  I wasn't all that hungry, probably because of all the pasta the night before.  At any rate, it was a good first day... and I lost 3 pounds right out of the gate this morning.  Not too bad for 4 days on the diet, but I still need to lose the other 3 pounds that I gained before I can say that I "lost" weight, right?

Anyway, today is a little bit more difficult with the hunger stuff.  I've felt more hungry today so far than I did yesterday.  But, I'll report more on that tomorrow.

Here's to the day... To good eats and more weight loss!


BenaBasil said...

I found this so hilarious...I'm still laughing! better luck tomorrow!

Sunflowers4Sarah said...

I'm sorry but this is pretty funny. You're doing a great thing, I'm on a diet exercise thing but it's not nearly as impressive as what your doing. Good luck :)

Donna's Magic Pen said...

I gain and I lose. Could lose more if I stayed away from all the good stuff. Keep up the good work.