Did that just happen?!

Yesterday was one of those days that I wonder if it really happened.  I went on Studio 5 yesterday and did a 10 minute segment on Bundt pans and then demonstrated a Bundt cake, which you can see here on my food blog Zula's Cafe.  My dear friend Meg's came with me to help carry things and support.  She is the best and I love her for taking most of her day off to be with me.  Thank you Meg's!

This is a picture that I took before all the cakes were set out on the display tables. 

This is the crew, or at least some of them.  They were really impressed that I knew how to control the "wheel thingy" on the top of my camera.  That is the technical term that one of them gave the main dial.

This here is crew man #6 who was extremely flirty with all the ladies and as we were cleaning up threw two cinnamon hearts.  One hit me in the shoulder and the other hit Meg's square in the nose.

One of the crew took this picture and I know that I should have taken the camera out of manual mode when I gave it to him, but I didn't.  Lesson #266 learned of what not to do with my camera for blogging. I tried to fix it the best I could so it would be okay for posting and this is as good as it got.   

Anyway, Brooke and Darin were really nice.  In fact, I was surprised by how genuinely nice they both were.  I thought that I was going to be on the air with only Darin, but Brooke was there too.  It was so fun and I am glad that I got to interact with both of them.

When I was on the air I was super nervous right at first, but then once I got to talking, the nerves all went away.  And before I knew it, it was all over.  The 10 minutes flew and I was sure that it was going to feel like an eternity.  Brooke and Darin made me feel so at ease and comfortable.  They did all the hard work by taking my nerves away.

After we did the segment we had to clear the table so they could use the area for another segment.  I took the rest of the pictures of some of the cakes that were featured for myself, because I ended up giving away all the cakes that I brought.  This is the Bavaria.  My favorite!  Isn't it lovely?

This is from the Garland pan.  I only brought 3 and have the other 3 upstairs in Tupperware.  We'll probably eat them tonight.

This one has weird focus, but it really did turn out pretty on the air and I don't care that it wasn't a traditional Bundt.  It was beautiful and that's really what mattered.

This quartet pan was given to me by Jane the producer that I worked with.  Aside from the Bavaria pan, this one was my favorite.

This is Jane the Producer that I worked with for the last three weeks to make sure that this segment was worth while.  Thanks so much Jane for everything!  It really was something that I'll never forget, that is... if I can start to believe that it happened in the first place.

When we were all finished we left the KSL offices and headed to Mikey's work to exchange cars so I could go pick up the kids from his parents.  We ended up going and having a "celebratory" lunch at Zupas.  This is my lunch... before I ate it.  Ultimate grilled cheese and tomato basil soup.  

Don't forget the chocolate dipped Oreo with peppermint chips on top for dessert!  Yum!

What a fun morning!  I hope that they ask me back for more cooking, or even another product find or two.


Meghan said...

I thought you did a great job! You were lucky to get such a long segment. I did a couple of segments on Studio five and they weren't nearly 10 minutes long. Did you get more hits on Zula's Cafe after the spot aired? I can't wait until you get to do it again.

Sarah said...

Thanks Meghan! Yes, there was definitely a spike in hits to the site. I had a lot of fun and hope that they ask me back again.

Anonymous said...

Sarah Liz, you're a natural on TV! I am so happy and excited for you! Love you cousy! Next time I'm in Utah, we've GOT to get together!!! (I have no idea when that will be.) oxox Barbie