So, Mike went out of town on thursday night. He went with a friend and they were meeting some people down south to explore a few canyons. They were heading down just outside of Ticaboo, UT and had just left Hanksville going south on the road to Bullfrog when BAM! they hit a cow.

Mike had just set the cruise control at 70 mph and didn't even see the cow. It was a dark cow sitting in the middle of the road. (They were driving through an Open Range) He didn't even break. They plowed right through the thing.

Now, the lucky part about this is that they both walked away from it with only a couple tiny sratches from glass that they had to brush out of their hair. but, the unfortunate thing is that the 4runner is TOAST!!! Completely totaled... here are a few pics of the car that he sent me to show me just how messed up the poor car was.

It was a good car. It served us well. Its sad to see it go.


Terri said...

Poor COW!!!
You never said anything about the sad cow.
That 4Runner was a kick-ass mode of transportation too though... Mike and Justin were lucky to have had no serious injuries.
Those are some seriously GNARLY pictures, dude.