Reason #11, #10, #9, #8 and #7

Reason #11

Three Words... Hot Buttered Rum

Reason #10

Watching It's A Wonderful Life... which I haven't done yet, but I will, oh yes... I will.

Reason #9

My kitties

When they sit under the Christmas Tree, they are Christmas cats and it makes me want to keep the tree up all year round when I see them under there. They don't lay under there at the same time of course, they would kill each other first, but they are cute anyway.

Reason #8

The Marshmellow World that is my front yard this year.

Terri sings Marshmellow World every time she comes over when the lights are one, because she says... "It's a Marshmellow World at the Foxes, when the snow gets to cover the ground..."

Reason #7

Giving change to the Salvation Army

I was at the store earlier and didn't have any change to give. I always feel guilty on some level when I don't put change in the little red hanging thingy... Next time I am going to make sure that I have change so I can toss some in and feel like I am contributing!


Terri said...

I love it that your house is The Marshmallow World at the Foxes.
Please, please, PLEASE take a photo of your yard and post it before Christmas, so that everyone can see how adorable your lights are!!!